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power of the mind
To the power of the mind
Meditation for Beginners

How to Change The Negative Feelings & Emotions To Transform Your Life

During deep prayers, meditation and hypnotic state we can create a pathway to our subconscious mind by temporary removing the filters of the critical mind. 

Assessing the subconscious mind help us identify the causes. Change our current actions, habits or behaviour based on the feelings and emotions associated to a particular core event or events stored in our subconscious mind.

This can be done by relaxing or calming the mind or during hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The therapists will guide you with some instructions or guidelines that help you remove the critical filters in the critical mind. This allow you to access your subconscious mind.

Remove negative associations of acts, emotions and thoughts to a certain act/acts or event/events that are currently affecting your life to lead better quality life now!

That is why when we are able to access to the core beliefs of what caused the behaviour and change the emotions, feeling, thoughts and actions association to these behaviour, behavorial changes and even transformation takes place through hypnosis. 

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power of the mind
To the power of the mind


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