Smoking Cessation helps increase the quality of life.  It is now well documented that smoking causes lung cancer, heart diseases, stroke, lung diseases and cancers of the mouth, pancreas, kidney, cervix and bladder.

Smoking usually starts when one wants to fill up the void in certain area of their life.  At times, smoking started due to peer or social pressure.

Overtime, it become a habit that is hard to shave off due to the independency to the tabacco.

Health Issues for Smokers and Second Hand Smoke

Men who smoke are more likely than non-smokers to develop lung cancer. Other side effect of smoking also causes spontaneous abortion and sudden infant birth syndrome in expecting mothers and higher infertility in men. Children exposed to second hand smoke (environment tabacco smoke) is also known for developing asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis.

Benefits of Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation is highly encouraged to help increase the quality of life.  Within few days of quitting, the sensation of taste and smell are enhanced.  Within 2 weeks to 3 months of quitting, circulation improved and lung function improve.  The risks of lung cancer is reduced by half within one year of smoking cessation.  Within 5 years, the risks reduced to the same as non-smokers.

Other than health issues, smoking cessation also helps smokers save money on the purchases of their daily cigarette and tabacco.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation is one of the common reason clients seek hypnotherapy.  There are two types of identification for smokers who want to seek smoking cessation with hypnotherapy.  They are:

The Identification Smokers or
The Replacement Smokers

The Identification Smokers

These are the type of smokers who started or picked up smoking to fit in.  People around him smoked, and in order to fit in the client picked up this smoking habit.

The Replacement Smokers

These are the type of smokers who picked up smoking in order to replace a habit, like eating, drinking, low self esteem, anxiety or stress. They get oral gratification from the smoking and enjoy the ritual of smoking.

The Success of The Smoking Cessation

The success of the smoking cessation using hypnotherapy is highly dependent on how ready the client is to let go of this habit of smoking.  So, we will only work with clients who are serious and want to quit smoking.

If you have tried quitting many times but go back to smoking again regardless of your effort and will power.

If you are seriously wanting to quit, book our smoking cessation package.

It usually takes about 5-6 sessions to help identification smokers who are ready to quit, to quit smoking totally.

We will work with our clients to identify the missing elements of the anxiety, stress or grieve of the lost one and to emotionally or physically replace them before the smoking cessation works can take place effectively for replacement smokers.

Why Some Failed Smoking Cessation

There are a few reasons why people fail to quit smoking. Here are the three common ones:

– stress and anxiety
– consumption of alcohol/ coffee
– surrounding around other smokers or the temptation to have “just one”

Also, fear is the factor that drives people back to the old smoking habit. Some fears include

– fear of putting on weights
– fear of not being able to enjoy social gatherings
– fear of losing your friends
– fear of withdrawal symptoms

All these reasons and factors found in clients are taken care of properly to help proper actions to quit smoking totally.

When, in hypnosis, some positive suggestions would be used. so that client can fill the hole, feeling fulfilled and satisfied at all times. Client is motivated to exercise and move their body more.

If you are ready to quit, let’s connect and work together!  This is only for SMOKERS who are ready and certain that he/she wants to be a NON-SMOKER and live a healthy, full potential life again.