Are you experiencing repetitive behaviours or habits that no longer serve you? Are your faced with difficulty throughout your life, failed relationships with the same types of guys  or girls, failed business ventures, one after another, facing failures after failures no matter how good or how well you have planned your ventures.  All these repetitive patterns have been following you and have interfered big time with the success of your life.

If you are facing such situations in your life, you may very well be suffering the effects of your past-lifes vows/oaths or even curses. In the past, we may have made all sorts of vows/oaths/curses due to the situations we were in.  And these vows/oaths/curses are still in-built into our primitive mind and is inprinted onto our current life and behaviours.  

If these vows/oaths/curses no longer serve us any more, we can work to identify the events that led us to making such vows/oaths/curses.  The past life regression process that helps bring us to the actual events can also help us uplift any of these vows/oaths/curses which no longer serve us in this life or future lives.

If you wish to improve your life and want to identify if any of the past vows/oaths or curses are affecting your current life, we can work you through the process and free you from your past lifes obligations and promises that you have made that no longer serve you in this life and future lifes no more.

If you feel that it is time for you to regain your highest potential in life with releasing any of these vows/oaths or curses, connect with us now for a session of  Release Vows, Oaths or Curses That No Longer Serves You session.

It would usually take about 1 to 2 hours per session.   Book your session with us today.