I was skeptical on the existence of reincarnation, and definitely not past life regression, until I personally experienced it.  My first past life experience was strong, emotional vision that came to me like a screen.  Flashes of my life appeared before me.

Leading me to the potential life journey of re-discovering the healing power through the power of the mind.  I knew my path of re-learning and re-training for the healing abilities will come to me sooner or later.  This first revelation was through meditation, where I took some time to be mindful and quiet my mind for mindful relaxation.

I am grateful for the few other occurences and synchronicity of events that led me to my hypnotherapy journey of self healing and helping others.

Check out some of our past life regression stories that will be shared soon.  In the mean time, do connect with us if you wish to explore your own past life or to discover the core issues and remove any negative energy, habits or behavior associated to them in this life.

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Connect with us to connect and experience your past life stories that are significant to helping you improve your quality of life in this lifetime.  You know you need to know and experience past life regression if you are:

Curious about reincarnation and past life
If you have a condition physically or emotionally that could not be explained by the medical sciences or professionals
If you have any relationship issue that you want to address
If you are attached or has close association to a certain, place, things, events or people
If you are very curious and interested in particular age or era
If you have an issue in this life that kept on repeating itself

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Here is a past life regression therapy on relationship issue which our client faced with her in laws.  This is her story as Thomas the trishaw puller in her past life regression.