Past Life Regression questions commonly asked by clients and people who are interested to do past life regression therapy.  Discover your answers to your past life regression questions.

What is Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a position of relaxation where you regress to a time during your past life. This happens when you are in a very relaxed state of mind, also known as hypnosis or trance state.

Unlike the myth of losing control, you have the most control of your own mind during hypnosis or trance state. During this relaxed state of mind, you are able to tap into your subconscious mind that stores all the emotions, feelings and events of your past experience.  This information are usually buried deep down in the subconscious mind.

The emotions and feelings stored in your subconscious mind are what drives our actions, reactions and way of life without our conscious knowing.

111 answers to your past life regression questions.

What happens during Past Life Regression

During PLR, you are in a deep state of relaxation, allowing you to tap into your subconscious mind to retrieve events or past experience according to your intention for the PLR.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a process where we use past life regression for healing purposes. By accessing the core event where the first issue started, and when you allow yourself to release the negative emotions or feelings tied to the event, you are allowing yourself to heal from the emotional hurt that caused your pain or dis-ease.

What happen during Past Life Regression Therapy

During PLRT, when you are in a deep state of relaxation, and when you allow yourself to go deep into your own subconscious mind to retrieve and release any negative emotions or feelings tied to the event. By re-living the emotions and feelings and knowing and allowing yourself to release them, you are able to heal from the emotional hurt that caused your pain or dis-ease.

With knowledge and wisdom and when you allow yourself to release this pain tied into your cells memory, you are able to heal.

Some are able to see immediate healing, while others may see an overactive reaction of the pain or dis-ease, a sign of physical release for the healing to take place. Healing takes place in a miraculous and wonderful way and it is different for different individual due to the experience and the state of mind of the client.

Can I do Past Life Regression out of curiosity?

There are two schools of thoughts on this. There are some who feels that one should not access past life memories, digging the past just out of curiosity.

While the other school of thoughts feel that if you are called or given signs on wanting to do past life regression, it is the way your subconscious mind, higher self or spirit guides leading you to access this information timely for your soul journey and healing.

There is no right or wrong in these different school of thoughts. I guess it is simply ones preference and experience.  Personally, if you have the curiosity to do past life regression, I think you should.  Then again, to each, its own preference.

How should I prepare for my first Past Life Regression session?

Set your intention for your session. What do you want out of the session.

Simply allow yourself to enjoy the session. Do not put too much weight or emphasize on it as you may overstress yourself.  Just play along and follow the guide of the hypnotherapist.

Check out 111 answers to your past life regression questions healing.

Your answers to past life regression
your answers to healing with past life regression

Can I do my own Past Life Regression

There are videos or audios on youtube that are designed for past life regression. Sometimes, it is the timing and also the willingness of the soul to regress via these methods.

Personally, I regress better when I am guided by my chosen hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist caters the regression methods that best suits me.

Is there a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist in the area that I live

There are many Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists internationally. You can google the information and get in touch with the one nearest to you for a face to face session.  However, there are many past life regression hypnotherapists who have also made their sessions available internationally via skype or video messenger.  You can check out our hypnotherapists for a session via skype or video messenger for your next past life regression therapy session.

Past Life Regression Therapy
Past Life Regression

Choose the hypnotherapist that you are comfortable working with. You do not need to know him/her personally.  Trust your own gut feelings when choosing your past life regression therapist.

Which is better Past Life Regression or Past Life Reading?

These are two different method of accessing your past life. Past life regression is a session where your hypnotherapist would guide you to go deep into your subconscious mind for the information required.  How you interpret the feeling, emotions or visuals of the session is entirely you working with the instructions of the hypnotherapist.  You are able to connect with your feeling, emotions and visualise the events.

Past Life Reading is depending on how the medium interprets the energies felt in your aura for the information that you are looking for. For past life reading, all the work and interpretation is done by the medium.

Personally, I prefer past life regression as I am aware of what emotions, feelings or events I am connecting to instead of relying on the medium for her interpretation of my energies. Then again, it all depends on you.

How many Past Lifes do I have?

It is believed that there are many hundreds or thousands of lifes. It differs from individual and the best method to know this is to ask your higher self or spirit guide or master when you are deep into regression.  Place this as one of your questions to your hypnotherapist so that she can help you ask the question while walking you through the steps of past life regression.

Do I look the same in all my lifes?

Your essence is but not necessarily your looks as you may be born in different races, gender, religion and places. All of us are made up of energy, and we usually recognize the energy or essence of the person instead of physical appearances.

I have recurring dreams, how can I find out the reasons behind these dreams?

Recurring dreams is a method your subconscious mind is telling you something or it could be that you are occupied with certain issues or feelings that you are coping with and trying to resolve.

A good hypnotherapy session can help you interpret the dreams and find out what it really means to you.

I believe in the existence of past lifes, how can I access a particular past life?

Work with your hypnotherapist to identify any particular issues and intention for your session. Your qualified hypnotherapist would be able to guide you in the hypnotherapy session to help you access the particular past life that you are referring to.

I do not believe in past life or reincarnation, can I still experience past life regression?

Everyone has a belief systems that they follow. However, regardless of what you belief, everyone can be hypnotized. When you want to experience a past life regression, when you allow yourself to let go and follow the guidance or instructions of your qualified hypnotherapist, you are able to experience past life regression.

The key to a successful past life regression is the willing client. Hypnotherapy or past life regression cannot be forced onto another person.  So, if you want and are willing to experience past life regression, your hypnotherapist would be able to walk you through the session.

Must I be a Buddhist or Hindu to have past life?

Past lifes have taken place whether or not you currently believe its existence. Whether or not you are a Buddhist or Hindu, believe in the existence of past lifes or not, they still happen. So, regardless of your race or religion, past lifes still take place.  There are many recorded cases and documentation of past lifes of people who come from different race and religions.

I do not think my past life regression therapy was a success. What should I do?

Firstly, for a successful past life regression therapy, the client must be willing and wanting the change. The client has to allow himself/herself to go deeper into relaxed state of mind to access the information required.

Sometimes, healing takes place when the timing is right, healing can only take place when the soul is ready.

What is my life lesson in this life?

Each of us comes to earth with a purpose, a purpose to grow and learn. All our memories of what we have planned to come and learn would be erased as we were born here on earth.  At times, many people lived without knowing their life lesson.  Lessons to be learned in life may differ in periods of times in our lives.

This information is available via your higher self or when you gain access to your masters via deep regressions. This can be done via past life regression or life between life regression when you are ready to know more.

What is life between life regression?

Life between life regression is a regression that brings you back to where you make plans to reincarnate. A place where you meet your guides and higher councils who are helping your soul learn and grow.  This is the place you make the decision who, where and how you would return to earth in the next new physical body.

Here you can connect with your guides and council and get answers to your higher soul growth like your life lessons, why you chose your parents and life and universal question on the whole.

Who are my spirit guides?

Spirit guides are like angels or guardians who are helping you. You do not see them but they are always there for you, sometimes bringing your answers to your questions and requests through your  your thoughts, signs and answers.

They are here to help and protect you and you can call upon them for help whenever you need them. Their responses however, would be subtle and once you develop your intuition and psychic abilities, you are able to detect them.

How can I connect to my spirit guides?

You can connect with your spirit guides through the many videos or audios youtube videos available on meditation to connect with your spirit guides. Prayer and meditation helps connect you with your spirit guides.  Hypnotherapy can also help you tap into your subconscious mind allowing you to be cautious of your connection to your spirit guides.

Is there a time frame before one reincarnates?

There is no specific time frame before one reincarnates. Time is linear in the spiritual dimension.  In fact, there are people who believe that one can co-exist in many lifes or dimension on earth.

Find answers to your questions, if you still have questions if you should do past life regression therapy or is curious on how you should prepare yourself for past life regression therapy.