As a converted Catholic, reincarnation was never a popular topic discussed in church or at home.  Though I was born into a Taoist family with an aunt who was working as a Reverand in a Christian Gospel Church, my family and I never discuss about reincarnation and never about past life regression.

Spontaneous Past Life Regression

It was not a common topic amongst family members or gatherings with friends and colleagues.  So, it was a surprise when I experienced my first spontaneous past life regression during one of my meditation sessions.  It happened in Singapore.

That was my first interesting experience in past life regression that eventually led me to my journey to re-discover the healing modality through meditation, hypnotherapy and past life regression.

Self-Healing with Meditation or Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression

I re-discover self-healing through meditation, hypnotherapy and past life regression, leading me to re-train myself in these 3 powerful healing modality.

Check out more on how past life regression therapy can help you heal your physical or emotional pain attached to your past trauma or let go of behaviours and habits that no longer serves you anymore in this life.

Past life regression therapy can also help heal relationship.

You need to believe that you are able to heal to allow healing to take place.  Past life regression is one of the few healing modality that you can consider for your healing.