Our reality is shaped from our thoughts, words and action. We create our own reality with our powerful thoughts, words and action.

How do we create our own reality?

It is believed that we create and choose our life, our parents and the place and time where we are born. This depends on who you talk to. Well, whether you believe this statement or not, we do choose our reality.

We are highly influenced by our ancestral DNA, thoughts and the world of our parents even when we are in our mother's womb. Once we are born, our powerful mind absorb and learn our beliefs and thoughts patterns from our primary caretaker, ie. mother. Our beliefs and practices in life are picked up from our society and people around us. During our early childhood, we learn from our secondary caretakers ie. father, teachers, siblings, people who are living with us or close to us who have frequent interactions with us.

How Do We Create Our Own Reality

We are born with a life plan and we create and change the plan based on our free will. Our reality is created from our thoughts. Thoughts are strong vibrational energies that we send out to the universe, subconsciously. Repetitive thoughts create strong message to the universe and the law of attraction creates the reality in your life.

That is why the powerful phrase once you change your thoughts, you change the way you view things and the things around you change too, eventually.

What Is A Belief?

Belief is not limited to what GOD or Religion you follow. A belief is a ritual that you do again and again until it sinks into your subconscious mind. Example: If from a baby till now, you attend church or mosque with your family weekly, and listen and practise the teachings of the community, the teachings and learnings would be strongly imprinted in your mind. And when you continue to act, preach the words of GOD that you have diligently listen weekly, the teachings and words will be imprinted into your DNA.

Same thing goes for any beliefs or thoughts that you make yourself believe, think and re-confirm over and over again. It sinks in to your subconscious mind and becomes your belief. That is why it is important for one to do meditation or hypnosis to re-connect to their body, mind and soul, to check and change any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living a fulfilled and happy life.

How do we overcome self-limiting beliefs and change the quality of our life in 21 days?

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