There is metaphysical treatment for every body and emotional pain that we experience. Everyone of us have our feminine and masculine energy.  In order to maintain balance in life, one should have balanced energy of both.

When pain occurs in the body, it is the way our body is communicating to us that there is an underlying problem that needs our attention.

When we are facing pain, ache or tension on our right side of the body, it means, that we are stifling our masculine energy, issues or anger with father, blaming and unhappy with our own external environments.

When faced with pain, ache or tension on our left side of the body, it takes to mean that we are stifling our feminine energy, receptivity or anger and unhappiness with mother or self.  Left side represents spiritual within of ourselves.

These days, it is common for us to run to the medical professional for help when there are pain in our body.  Many times, doctors are able to prescribe the right medicine to bring down the pain that we feel.  Doing so, may not eliminate the pain away totally, as the core issues of our problems are not being eradicated.

So, how do we really solve the issue of our body pain?

Yes, you may seek doctor’s treatment for immediate relieve of the pain.  Most times, it work and at times it does not.

Whether professional medical treatment work or not, it is essential for us to acknowledge the pain or message that our body is sending to us and seek treatment to eradicate the core issue of the problem.

Metaphysical Treatment for Body Pain

  1. Acknowledgement of the Pain
  2. Allowing Healing
  3. Releasing Trapped Negative Energy That Is Causing the Pain

Metaphysical Treatment is an interesting and easy method for healing and yet we are so sold on obtaining medicine to contain the pain.

While seeking professional help for your pain, you may also want to consider these metaphysical treatment through simple acknowledgement of the pain, prayer or meditation to allow healing and releasing of trapped negative energy that is causing these pains.

Releasing Trapped Negative Energies can be carried out via meditation, hypnosis and other energy healing like reiki and qi gong.