Here are some metaphysical reasons behind animal sightings in the current pandemic time. The meaning can also apply when you continue to see them in your dreams, news pop up where ever you go.

animals metaphysical sightings
Metaphysical Reasons Behind Animals Sighting

The Otters

Otters usually travel in groups or family. The otters symbolises family unification, friendship, curiosity, peace and kindness.

When otters are sighted, there is a metaphysical reasons to place family and bond at upper most importance in our life. It is time for us to reflect and stop swimming against the current. Time to show grace and empathy and be happy.

The White Horse

White horse is a symbol of pure freedom. White horse has strong command of their emotions and unblemished justness.

The white horse symbolises the freedom to express your true self.

The Panda

Panda bear possess gentle strength, though they are big and strong, pandas rarely show aggression, unless provoked.

The panda symbolises and show us that it is time for us to use wisdom, love and kindness to achieve our goals.

The Wild Boars

The boar is a sign of abundance, courage, and power. But, it also represents stubbornness, conflict, and disorder.

Wild boars symbolises our needs to generous, truthful, courageous when facing life.