Inner conversation is a dialogue that you constantly have with yourself.  Inner conversations are thoughts within.  We have many conversations and dialogue with ourselves, without even realizing it at most time.

Conversation with Self

“What?  Why would I have a conversation with myself? Are you kidding me?”

“Oh! It is going to be a long, dreary day again today!”

“Damn! I am going to be late again!”

Shaping and Managing Your Inner Conversations

This conversation that you have repetitively, becomes your reality overtime.  Hence, take this simple three steps to transform your reality by managing your inner conversations.

  1. Be aware
  2. Shape your conversation to realize your reality
  3. Be more encouraging and positive with yourself

Instead of the above conversation with self, why not …

Improved Conversation with Self to Shape Improved Reality

“Ya, it is ok to have a good conversation with myself.”

“Oh! It is going to be a great, productive day today!”

“I will do my best today. The best always unfolds.”

Remember, you are always listening to your conversation, your body and cells act upon each and every word that you whisper to yourself.  That is why your inner conversations of whisper are essentially the most important conversations that you can have with yourself.  Be positive and more encouraging with yourself.  Be kind to yourself!  You rightly deserve it.

Inner Conversation - The Dialogue Within
Inner Conversation - within your control once you are aware it takes place

What happens within us is definitely within our control and what happen outside of us is not. So, control your inner conversations in order to create and transform your reality.

Take the chance to transform and change your reality by simply being aware of your conversation within and change them. What ever you tell yourself again and again and again, with affirmation of act and event, repeated a few times, becomes your reality and believe. So, start managing your inner conversation today!