You do not need to believe that there is past lifes to experience past life memories.  However, when you do experience the encounters of your past life memories, the experience will definitely change your beliefs in past lifes and reincarnations.

Unique Experience of Past Life Memories

Every person who has personally experience past lifes memories know that these experiences and memories happen regardless of what your religion or beliefs is.

Past life memories can be experienced through many different methods and ways.  As each of us is unique and special in our own ways, our ways of experiencing past life memories may also differs from others.

How Do You First Experience Past Life Memories

Past life memories are usually accessed or experienced through prayers, meditation, hypnosis, past life regression, dreams, intuition, knowing, inner voice, expression through arts or appreciation or creation of music.  Regardless of how these memories are received, one has to be opened to these communication and to make sense of why these memories are flashed back or experienced.

Past Life Memories Towards Healing

Most if not all of these past life memories are to help us in our current situation or condition, teaching us a lesson or reminding us of what needs to be done for a better, current life in this lifetime.  Some of these memories can help to heal us in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels beyond explanation.

Share with us how you experience your first past life memories and how it has helped you move forward or heal in this lifetime.