Book a 30 mins free consultation with our hypnotherapist.  This free consultation will help us understand what you want to achieve via the hypnotherapy session.  It allows our hypnotherapy to share with you the overview of what happens in the hypnotherapy sessions and how we will work with you to help obtain the results that you want.

Our Intention is Simple but Powerful.  We are here to facilitate the healing journey of body, mind and soul through the art of the clinical hypnotherapy process. Our services are for those who are READY and WANT to heal.

It is important that you feel comfortable to work with the therapist you have picked. The comfort level and the trusts that you have with your selected therapist will help you in achieving your results more effectively.

Book a free consultation with us now.  This preview helps us understand what you are facing and how we can better help you.  This meeting also helps you identify your comfort level to go ahead with the paid sessions.

Please note that our trained hypnotherapist will use our tried and tested methods to help you connect with your mind for your healing. The results are highly dependent on your readiness to allow healing to take place. Your intention and action helps you with your healing journey.

Please note that we will try our best to accommodate to your requests and timing, whenever possible.  We would usually offer two appropriate timing indicated in your selections for the free preview.  Please respect the offer, acknowledge and turn up on time.

Please know that our hypnotherapists are taking their time away from their family and work to honour the appointment, in hope to offer you healing guidance and options.  We appreciate your respect of our time and space for the session.

We reserve the right to reject to attend to client who is not able to abide to mutual agreed appointment of consultation.

Free Consultation
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