Every one of us have the power to heal ourself! That is if we allow healing to take place. What we create with our thoughts and beliefs, we can heal.

Here is a simple exercise that you can use at your own for your own energy healing.

Healing Exercise

  1. Find a quiet place where you can be alone without interruption during this session
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Focus on your breath -breathing out stress and tension, breathing in beautiful healing energy
  4. Concentrate on your physical body, relaxation on your head, face, body – all muscles relaxed
  5. Imagine healing light from the top, warm, good healing light, beaming, from head to toe and toe to head
  6. Count from 10 to 0 for deeper relaxation
  7. Go to an ancient island of healing with beautiful weather, an ocean next to the breezy area, planted next to the ocean is a huge, colourful crystal with powerful healing energy  sent to the water
  8. The water is warm and calm
  9. Touch and feel the water on your skin, bring the area that needs healing and soak them onto the warm, healing water
  10. Soak in this clear, healing water
  11. You can see some dolphins swimming around the cyrstals, they are like ambassador to promote your healing, bringin you more healing energy and power from the crystals and water

Energy Healing Service

We offer energy healing for those who require them at cost. Simply give us the name and condition of the person that needs healing for the works.

Energy healing for physical, mental or emotional issue can be carried out for the recipient who request for it. The client has to allow the healing in order for them to be effective.

The energy healing can be done from a distant or remotely. We conduct chakra checks and chakra and energy healing for the person that requires the healing, once the request and payment request is being processed.

Energy Healing will be carried out 3 consecutive days upon receipt of the request and completion of the payment processed.