Our body and mind has a certain frequency that we are tuned in.  What we think, do and act are usually influenced not just by our situation and environment, it is also highly influenced by the frequency we are in.

When we are in higher spirit and frequency, we attract to us people, things and events of the same.  Good and happy things continue to befall on us unendingly.

The same happens when we are in lower frequency. 

We attract and are tuned in to people, things and events of the same frequency that we operate from.

So, if we are in lower frequency, how can we tune in to higher and better frequencies.

When we are surrounded with people, things and events that are detrimental to our mind, we continue to churn out energies based on that same level of low frequencies.

That is why sometimes, in order to move from one frequency to another, we have to take steps to slowly shed off negative thoughts and fill the mind with positive thoughts and blessings. 

Sometimes when one is tuned in to lower frequency, it takes strong higher frequency person to change the mind and energies feel of the person.  It is important to know that someone who is at low frequency energies are not able to tune in to higher frequencies if he/she does not allow the change.

It is similar to a horse who is not thirsty, will never drink from the clean pool of water no matter how you force its mouth onto it.  One will not able to change their frequency, when they are not ready to do so.  One has to be determined and want the change for it to happen.

So, it is important for us to take care of our own energies frequencies, to be filled and surrounded with positive thoughts and energy for attracting similar positive people, things and event to our life.

Thus, it is important for us to know that we are blessed and we have the power to change our life, when we allow ourselves to let go of our past mistakes, learning from them and not regret and be pulled down by them instead.

Continuous powerful positive thoughts and action will create positive and powerful ripple effect in our energy field and the happenings in our daily life.

So, how we think can be so much powerful than what many people allow us to admit.  Remember to allow positive thoughts and intention of what we really, really, really want.

When use appropriately, we can use our thoughts, prayer and meditation to help us to re-tune our energy frequencies.