We learn to understand or perceive situation or information based on our earlier upbringing.  Each of us dicipher information differently.  This is mainly due to how we were first taught to learn things in our earlier years.  How we learn and perceive information is based on primarily our primary caretakers, our environment, social set-up and and secondary caretakers.

To help us understand how we can better work with you based on your learnings and information processing methods, we have used these suggestibility tests. The results is usually used to better understand how you perceive, interpret and process information and communication.

Yes, it is interesting indeed how one interpret and process information and communication can be identified through these suggestibility questionnaire.

To find out your suggestibility type, you may proceed to complete the two suggestibility Questionnaires 1 and 2.  Each questionnaire has 18 questions with simple yes or no response required. Choose only one answer. The questionnaires may take you about 20 minutes or less to complete. Thank you.

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