Emotional healing is essential in order for us to achieve healthy body, mind and soul. Every pain and aches in our body are directly or indirectly caused by hurt emotions and feeling. Suppressed negative emotions are stored in our body and mind.

In hypnotherapy, we are guided to the memories of past events that had caused the issues that are arising in our life today. When we still hold grudges, grieves, hurt and regrets on the past knowingly or unknowingly, it would cause a negative effect in our life today.

Hypnotherapy and Emotional Healing

In hypnotherapy, we are guided to bring the awareness of emotions and feelings that are holding us back from living the life we want to. Once we are aware and allow ourselves to let go of the negative emotions that no longer serves us in this life, we heal.

Sometimes, a particular issue may have been caused by multiple events in the past that needs healing. Once we let go of the negative emotions that are holding us back, healing eventually takes place.

Emotional Hurt Cause Physical & Mental Pain

Emotional grudges, hurt, grieve and regrets can lead to physical or mental pain and stress that we suffer today. So, in order to live a happy and healthy life, one must let go of the past at the conscious and subconscious level.

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The release of negative emotions can sometimes be emotional for the client, however, the results may be phenomenal.

Meditation Helps Heal Emotional & Physical Pain Too

Other than hypnotherapy, you can also sit for an hour or two to meditate and connect to your inner self to allow healing. Daily meditation will help with focus and healing.