Consciousness is the state of one’s awareness and perception.  One can be conscious of his/her surroundings and carry each task out consciously, or one can just act unconsciously, doing things based on our past behavorial patterns. Many of us behave based on our past habits of behaviour, from our collective experience and memories.

When we become more conscious, we tend to do things, while being aware of how each of our action affects us, the people around us and the universe that we live in.

So, how conscious are you and what does universal consciousness mean?

Everyone functions from the conscious awareness that they are at.  We live, think and act from our awareness and conscious level.

Now, studies have also shown that collectively, there is a universal consciousness. Yes, the universe has its own consciousness. That is the collective consciousness of matter and human in the universe.  It is believed that we were pass, our consciousness will integrate into this universal consciousness. 

What is it that allows us to look at the rainbow and perceive the rainbow colour or what makes each person unique with our very own characteristics, personalities, identities and ways we react to situations or events.  Why do we have different levels of humour, anger, happiness and sadness.  

These conscious experiences can’t be explained by a physical check on our brains.  Scientists generally agrees that the brain/mind is where consciousness resides.  But, is the mind residing in the brain?  It is believed that each of us has layers of past memories that build up the consciousness in us.  

This includes memories that we can consciously remembers and memories that are deep within our cellular memories.

Consciousness vs Unconsciousness

Many of us are only aware of a small percentage of our conscious memories, while most of our behaviours and habits falls on the unconscious memories that are within us, in each of our body cells.  Each of our body cells hold a ton of unlimited past memories that make us who we are today.   

Each of us carry dimensions of conscious and unconscious memories.  Each of our body cells holds and store our past memories from the past; elementary, atomic, evolutionary, genetic, karmic, articulate/inarticulate, conscious/unconscious memories.

The unconscious level that we are referring to, is not merely physical surrounding, but those that we cannot see with our eyes, like vibration of thoughts and energies around us.  Each of our cells store and remembers our past physical activities, emotional, mental and energy activities.  

Physical Healing

It is important for us to care for our body and mind physically by eating, sleeping and carrying out the life activities that complement and enhance our physical well being.

Physically, we know that we are made up of water, earth, fire, air and space.  It is important for us to consume the right amount of water and food for us to function at the ultimatum level.

Many of us were taught to drink at least 1 liter of water per day and eat at least 3 meals a day and exercise daily to maintain good health.  But, why are people still falling ill despite of living healthily as we were taught?

These days, many of us enjoy the luxury and varieties of food to satisfy our wants.  But, do we need that much food to keep us healthy?

Infact, there has been studies to show that we can stay healthier when we do not overeat or more accurately, eat less.  Continuous practice of intermittent fasting is believed to help us cleanse our physical body in a cellular levels.

Emotional & Mental Healing

It is also important for us to ensure that we take care of our emotional and mental health in order to enjoy good overall well-being.

Energy Healing

How does energy healing cure the bodily and mental pain and tension of a person?  How can energy healing be detected and sent via telephone or even through thoughts? Energy healing can take place, even if the healer and client are tens of thousands of miles away from one another.

There are so many who questioned the authenticity of energy healing and yet so many can attest to be witnesses who have benefitted from these energy healing like reiki, sound healing, mantra and meditation healing.

The universe consciousness has seen many rounds of shifts.

So, what is conscious level and how do we elevate and evolve
with this shift?

One must come to the realization that everything we experience is filtered through and interpreted by our each of our cells.

Are you part of the team, who has realized the shift and are moving along it?

If consciousness is experience through the brain/mind, then consciousness awareness can be heightened through the same brain/mind that consciousness resides.


How does higher consciousness benefit us at our personal

Uh huh! Each of us seek for betterment of life.  Personally, when we are aware that there are many dimensions around us, we can learn to tap into these dimensions to achieve our overall well being.  

When we are aware that we are more than the physical body or mind, we can learn to seek methods and technologies to help us connect to the source or Higher Consciousness, to better understand how we can control our reality.

Energy & Vibration Of Our Thoughts

Our reality is indeed made up of people around us and our environment, at the same time, one wonders how we can change our life.  Our life can experience a wonderful transformation once we are aware that the powerful energy of our thoughts, do indeed create our reality.

The universe is listening to us and are responding to the thoughts that we subconsciously and consciously sent out.  So, how do we control these powerful thoughts that are slowly creating our reality. The same powerful thoughts and vibration creates our reality of health and happiness.

Meditation & Hypnosis Helps Enhance Personal Consciousness Level

The answer is near and dear to my heart and that is through meditation and hypnosis

Yes, Meditation has helped me enhance my conscious level about myself.  At the same time, it has given me the ability to manage my stress and help those around me do the same.  Instead of popping in anti-depressant pills and running to the doctor, whenever I get the stress bugs, I am able to take some “pause” time from the busy world out there and stay connected to myself.

Meditation has also helped me increase my awareness to the universe, my awareness to synchronicity and how everything happens for a reason, especially the co-incidents.

You did not co-incidentally found this article. It is a call for us to be a part of the conscious shift, starting by enhancing our own health and well being.

It is a tough task to change the world, but it takes one ripple of beautiful drop to slowly affect the universe.  That you can do.  Be the one beautiful drop to first enhance your life, through mindful and conscious living. Meditating helps you connect to your inner self and increase your consciousness level. 

Meditation allows you to be in control of your health and overall well-being, improving your health, happiness and manifestation.