Inspired Actions are something you feel from the INSIDE that prompted your action while Motivated Actions are something from the OUTSIDE that compels you to take action.

Have you ever wondered why only top 3% or less, of the class are top achievers or are successful in life?  Regardless of any academics or motivational courses that you take why only the top 3% or less become successful.

Motivated people may be driven by their own ambitions and drive to work hard and smart, to be successful.  But, if all their actions and work are purely based on motivated actions, they may one day tire down and be stressed up in life.

That is why there are so many new meditation classes, centers and mobile apps to teach and lead people to relax and meditate and be with one’s own self, in order to release stress, tension and even physical pain and aches in the body and mind.

There are many types and methods of meditation, but, generally, the basic objective of meditation is a time where one put aside for him/herself to relax and be with their true self within.  

Meditation can help with the relaxation and healing physically, mentally and spiritually for the body, mind and soul.

Many spiritual seekers know that the answers to their questions in life can only be found within them.  If you do not already know, it is time to wake up from the trance of following the crowd and dig dip within yourself to re-discover what you really, really, really want and know.

It is time for you to start looking within.

There are many teachers and gurus who teaches us inspirational methods and ways to achieve success and happiness.  There is not one way for everyone. 

Every one of us are at different juncture of our journey.  We grow and learn at different paces and hence the teachers we learn and can resonate best with would be different at the different pathways of our lives.

In order to achieve enlightenment, learn and be grateful with the teachers whom you could resonate better with, but never be the slave to one.

Inspired Action vs Motivated Action
Be Inspired Then Take Action!

In order to achieve optimum results, be inspired and take action!