A phrase commonly used but understood by few.  Ask, believe and receive is the process of asking for what you want, believe that you will receive what you asked for and be in the mode of receiving, while letting go of any resistance.

Start Small To Witness The Manifestation

It does not mean that smaller things are easier to manifest.  It is easier to manifest as you do not have any limiting beliefs against it manifestation.  You have less resistance and when you have less resistance, manifestation is easier.

Practise this with something small and simple and see how your wants are manifested.  Many started this by asking for something simple like the empty carpark in a popular carpark space.

Ask for a space to open up for you to park your car when you drive in.  Believe that it will happen and be in the mode of receiving, visualising your car parking just right as you drive into the carpark.

Do not ask to show or proof to others.  Do it for yourself.  The more evidence you have on this, the easier it is for you to manifest the things that you want.

Money Manifestation

I tried this three times!  I failed on my first attempt and proof to myself the power of mind and how the universe is assisting me in my manifestation on the next two times.

Why I Failed?

I wanted to win 1.2 million dollars in toto.  I announce this to people closed to me, challenging them and me that I will be able to manifest this to proof to them the law of attraction.

Deep down I resisted, doubting myself while the reality prove me right that I am not able to just manifest the money that I wanted, just because I ask, believe and wait to receive.

This was a very long waiting process, with the people around me reminding me of the reality of not manifesting it.

Proving this seems to my ultimate goal, and after more than 10 years, I have not manifested this.

Why I Succeeded?

I asked for an extra 5 thousand dollars to support my trip to India.  I open up to the universe on how I could receive it.  I wanted it for my trip, as long as it is before or right after, it was fine with me.

I asked, believed and was in the mode of receiving.  I did not share this with anyone else before the manifestation.  I totally let go of expectation when I placed myself in the mode of receiving and not wanting to be specific on how I should be getting the extra money.

And boom and behold, the extra money came in through my spouse, who won the extra 5 thousand dollars.

The same happened when I recently asked for an extra 10 thousand dollars just to practise my asking, believing and receiving.  I did not realised it until it dawn on me that it was manifested through my spouse, yet again.

He won an extra 10 thousand dollars before the end of the week.  The specific timing that I placed for my request.

Manifestation for Love, Relationship and Health

You can do the same ask, believe and receive for anything in your life.  Be it love, relationship or overall well-being.

Simply ask, believe and be in the mode of receiving.  You deserve to manifest the best for you. And the best always unfolds for you, so get ready to experience the power of the law of attraction and your mind.

Ask, believe and receive!