Spiritual guides are energy fields of consciousness, that journey with us in this life.  Spiritual guides can come in many shapes and fields. Spiritual guides guide and assist you through your journey of learning and discoveries in this life.

Whoever you are or however you look at life or wherever you are from, you would have spiritual guides walking with you, in this life.  All of us have spiritual guides from the day we were born.  Our intuition diminish as we grow, as our societies today, stresses more on intelligent education that supresses our subconscious ability to tap into our intuition and connection to the energies and spiritual guides around us.

What Are Spiritual Guides

We do not see them physically but they are energy forms of angels, ascended masters, people from the past, or our departed loved ones.  They come even come in the energy feel of spirit animals or cartoon characters.  No matter what shape of forms they come in, they are here to help us in our daily life.

Some of our spiritual guides are with us since birth and journey with us till the end of our time in this life.  Some of the guides are here for certain phases or moments in our lives, depending on the many different journeys, obstacles and learnings in this life.  Some of these spiritual guides appear during some special missions or time of phases in our life.

spiritual guides
spiritual guides

How Do Spiritual Guides Communicate With You

Spiritual guides communicate with you all the time.  When we increase our consciousness awareness, we learn to look out and understand better how spiritual guides communicate with us.

Spiritual guides communicate with us through the small voices in our head or our thoughts.  The sudden thoughts of people or things that occur can be messages sent by spiritual guides. They also communicate through giving signs and align synchronicities of events.  Spiritual guides can send us messages through people we meet, signs from places and events, books, tvs and things that we encounter all day. The guides can also appear in your dreams to send you certain messages.

How Do We Know & Connect with Our Guides

Who are your spiritual guides?  Some of us may have just one or two guides, and some of us may have a platoon of guides.  This mainly depends on what our soul needs at this point of time.  Yes, do note that the spiritual guides can change overtime, depending on our phases of life and the challenges or phases of life that we are in.

Some highly intuitive people are gifted to be able to see the guides around us.  While only a few of us bears this gifts.  All of us have spiritual guides, regardless who we are.

We can easily know and connect with our guides through some simple meditation process.  This meditation that helps us relaxed and be at altered state of mind, allow our mind to identify and connect with our spiritual guides.

Meditation to Connect With Your Spiritual Guides

First of all, it is important for you to be at a place where you can carry out this meditation in a quiet space.  This is because, you would need this time and space to go into altered state or more relaxed position in order to connect with your subconsious mind for this exercise.

You can sit or lie down during this meditation.  If you tend to dose off or sleep, during meditation, it is best to do the meditation sitting up.  Eyes will be closed at all times during the meditation.

Knowing and Connecting with Your Spiritual Guides

Once you have identified your spiritual guides, you can intuitively connect with them to help you in your daily activities.  Do note that do not expect magic in the beginning, though anything is possible with spiritual guides.

Once your awareness of your guides are there, it is always easy and fun to communicate with your guides for things that you want to do or know.  The more you train and practise to communicate with your guides, the easier and better for you to receive the messages and communication from your guides.  Do note that meditation can help you increase your consciousness awareness and smoothen your communication with your guides.

There are many different types of meditation that can help you increase and improve on your awareness and achieve heightened intuition.  Practise them daily.

Activities to Strengthen Your Connection With Your Spiritual Guides

Your guides are already connected to you.  However, in order to be better aware and have better communication with your guides, you can practise a few activities that can help you strengthen your connection with your spiritual guides.

1) Meditation to connect with your guides
2) Any meditation to enhance your intuition or increase your awareness
3) In a sentence or two connect with your spiritual guides with a formal prayer or blessing, telling them what you need in your thoughts.
4) Journaling or writing to them messages or wishes for help to point or show you the right directions or decision to make for any specific things.
5) Use tools like the tarot or oracle cards
6) Asking your spiritual guides to show you signs or messages through the universe.  These responses can come in synchronicity of people, events, signs or numbers.

Connect with Your Spiritual Guides and Harness Your Heighten Intuition for Enhanced Life

Everyone of us have spiritual guides, whether we believe it or not.  By taking note and action to connect with your spiritual guides, you increase better relationship with your guides to help you in your daily lives.  Always listen to your gut or the intuition that you have harnessed since birth.

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